Dubai Cruises

Dubai Cruises

The various artificial creeks in Dubai and the surrounding areas provide an excellent opportunity for cruising. Cruising not only lets you explore the beauty of the city but also offers a very relaxing atmosphere.

There are three types of cruises offered in Dubai. The price of Dhow cruise Dubai ranges from AED 50 to AED 150 per person depending on the type of cruise and the facilities offered.

The different cruise facilities available in Dubai are:

  • Musandam cruise: Musandam is a small governate of Oman and is famous for its fjord. Musandam trip is a full-day round trip from Dubai that lasts from 8am – 8pm. Apart from the Dhow cruise, this trip offers activities like swimming, snorkeling, and fishing along with a sumptuous lunch.
  • Dubai Creek Cruise: The Dubai Creek cruise runs through the old Dubai between Bur Dubai and Deira. One hour and two-hour cruises are available in Dubai Creek, and you can select the one depending on your requirement. The major attraction of this tour is the dinner cruise that is offered for more than two hours. But the quality of the dinner can be disappointing at times as it is taken care of by external catering companies. This trip is ideal for exploring the old part of Dubai.
  • Dubai Marina cruise: The Dubai Marina Cruise operates in Dubai Marina which is part of modern Dubai. Beautiful skyscrapers, world-class malls, and architectural marvel dots either side of the cruise. This is more of a luxurious cruise, and hence the rate is also on the higher side.

Whether you are traveling to Dubai for fun, leisure or adventure you are sure to find something or the other that meets your requirement. No wonder Dubai is emerging as a global tourist destination.